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Olive Branch


 Family-Owned Business

We are a small, family owned business and we put our hearts into providing the highest quality olive oil possible. We recently planted our own olives and are continuing to grow. Since taking over Copper Hill, we, along with our children, have been enjoying every aspect of this industry. We only sell what we use in our home and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Copper Hill Family


Copper Hill began as a father and son project focusing on sustainable agriculture. In 2002, twenty acres of olive trees were planted on what is named Copper Hill due to the soil taking on a copper tone during sunset. The first harvest, in 2004, produced two tons of olives and four years later another thirty acres were planted currently yielding three to four tons of olives an acre. Labeled with Artemis, the goddess of hunting, holding an olive branch instead of a spear, the spirit of Copper Hill now lay within the Long Family. Deep rooted in our Italian heritage, we adhere to continuing the tradition of Copper Hill: producing high quality, California extra-virgin olive oil.


Grown, harvested, and processed all within Northern California


Our Progress

Expanding and Growing...

In 2020 we planted 30 acres of our own olives. In 2022 we planted another 330 acres. We plan to keep expanding to be able to provide more excellent oils to our customers.

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